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The relatin Mountain Guide + Client is not only business relation. It is very important relation. When you are in the mountains, there exist many factors which endanger your healthy and life. Mountain Guide is responsible for his clients and he must arrange these services:

  • prepare tour time plan
  • plan tour according the mountain field
  • evaluate the conditions - avalanches situation,weather
  • secure first aid and rescue, in case of accident
  • orientation during tour
  • instruction about technical knowledges which are necessary for security on tour
  • special interpretation during tour (nature, topography, meteorology,...)

Lending equipments

The movement and activities in the mountains create extreme rights on people organism. When client wants secure his healthy, security and comfort, he must use special equipment. If client does not have everything what is necessary it is possible borrow some equipments from Mountain Guide.

Equipment is lend only for tours with mountin guide!


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